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IgniteBiz was founded with the goal of bringing the West and the Middle East closer through better business and cultural understanding. Learn more about our team. Learn more about our advisory board.

Recent speaking engagements include: University of Washington; Seattle University graduate program; World Trade Club; Rotary International.

In the Media

As quoted in Puget Sound Business Journal
Nohl Martin, principal of a Kirkland-based business development company that focuses on connecting the Middle East and North America, said all of this suggests how much potential the market has for Washington aerospace companies, and the importance of getting in early.

"In terms of the aviation sector, the opportunity is ripe now to get in while they're expanding at light speed over there. That means everything from maintaining, training, buying of airplanes, as well as hospitality industries," she said. "There's an opportunity for Washington companies to come in and build relationships right now. It's all about relationships in the Gulf."

As quoted in Puget Sound Business Journal
"Dubai has become a progressive magnet for brilliant ideas and talent," said Nohl Martin, who owns the Kirkland-based business development company IgniteBiz and helps clients establish themselves in Dubai."

Excerpt from Saudi Business Council Brief picturing Nohl Martin

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